Black Bear Bottling Group, LLC

Black Bear Soda

We have a wide variety of packages we produce to give consumers a number of options when choosing the right drink for themselves. We take pride in our ability to offer such an array of flavors in various packages. It is our goal to make an "old fashioned" quality product with “modern day” packaging. Our current flavors are a sampling of our customer’s requests over the years. This compilation is never final and we are always up for suggestions. If you have any suggestions, please go to the Contact Us page.

  • 12 oz Non-Returnable Glass-
    Caruso’s Legacy Root Beer, Caruso’s Legacy Cream, and Caruso's Legacy Maraschino Cherry Cola
  • 20 oz Plastic (PET)-List Flavors
  • 2 Liter Plastic (PET)-List Flavors
  • 1 Liter Plastic (PET)- Lemon Lime, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Sour, Club Soda
  • Claire Baie-List packages
  • 5 gallon tanks-pre/post mix-assortment of flavors
  • 3/5 gallon Bag-in-Box (BIB)-assortment of flavors
  • 20 oz Tampico Refrigerated Juice Drinks - List Flavors

In addition to our flavored soda, we also have our own brand of purified drinking water, Claire Baie. In 2001 and 2006, Claire Baie received the very prestigious Berkley Springs Gold Medal Award for Best Taste for bottled water.

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