Black Bear Bottling Group, LLC

About Us

Mission Statement-

The Black Bear Bottling Group, LLC will strive to be the best soft drink producer in the Midwest while continuing to improve on past excellence which gives hope for not only a prosperous future, but also a continued positive relationship with our customers.


Black Bear Bottling was founded by a man named Louis Patmont in the early 1920s in the Town of Lake (now St. Francis). He ran the company as a spring water bottling company but quickly evolved into a soft drink bottling company. At the time of its inception, Black Bear produced soda in one package, 12 oz returnable bottles. As the business evolved, more packages became available such as 12 oz non-returnable glass bottles. This became popular because of the fact the bottles were recyclable. The next progression was in the mid 1990s when the trend shifted to plastic (PET) bottles. The 20 oz plastic bottle is now the most popular package the company produces.

Because of the high demand for business, the company moved from the 10,000 square foot facility to an 80,000 square foot facility in Oak Creek. This building was a major step in the growth of the business. The facility runs two bottling lines, one for two liter projects, and the other for assorted packages such as 20 oz plastic and 12 oz glass. Being very close to the interstate was a major selling point on the building which allows shipping to be fairly easy.

Black Bear currently employs 25 full time and 5 part time employees, a number that has grown every year due to the increase in business. Things look bright for Black Bear Bottling in the near future as we continue to maintain the level of excellence that was started over 80 years ago. We thank you for showing interest in our site and would invite you to try our delicious assortment of flavored sodas.


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